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Crafty Crawford

About Wampun

Wampum items for sale

Authentic Wampum beads were originally carved from the Quahog shell that lives on the Eastern coasts of the United States. Typically these shells were made into very large belts, typically measuring several feet long by a few feet wide. The belts were not worn despite the misleading name but contained stories and represented the promises and laws brought to us by the "Peace Keeper." Each bead takes 5-7 hours to make. Woven around plant fibers or leather these beautiful pieces held ceremonial value to our Woodland Peoples.

After the settlers arrived so too came the glass beads. Easier and cheaper to produce it there were now even more straps, necklaces and more items. Following the glass this century has come the clay beads. All have their own unique qualities. I carry Authentic shell bead items, Glass as well as Clay.

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