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Crafty Crawford

Bearskin Headdress Bear Headdress Bearskin

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The Black bear headdress is a sight to behold in the pow wow arena and is perfect for prayer and or ceremonies. Traditionally my Cherokee ancestors would wear something similar for the "Bear Dance" Today I make these for many people of many faiths. The Bearskin Headdress was used by many different people across the globe.

Berserkers were champion Norse warriors to which the English word "Berserk" comes from. Typically these warriors only wore the bearskins into battle.... Nothing else. Today I make these beautiful bearskin headdress for reenactors, pagans, Native American dancers, spiritual workers and many other people. These bears are typically harvested here in Idaho, although sometimes I buy hides from the surrounding states. Each hide is hand selected by myself. They can come with just the upper jaw, or the entire fully mounted head. Click the above button to view prices. Below is a slideshow of my previous work. You will NOT be disappointed with this item.

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